Photo: Mikaela Friberg

Tony Clementz


     After a 30+ year long career as a scientist I now have an opportunity to pusue my life-long interest in photography more seriously. First and foremost, I am still an amateur in the classical sense (from Latin amator - to love). I use my camera because I love the challenge in trying to capture in a moment of time, a feeling, or a history, irrespective if it is a grand landscape, a tiny flower, or a reflection in a pool of water.

     I continually try to refine my personal style of photography, where I try to create images with few and clear elements without being to obvious. My hope is that a viewer will stop for a moment and that my images will act as small seed from which new thought and feellings will sprout.


  • 2017 Skanör (Englesons gallery)
  • 2018 Göteborg (Englesons gallery
  • 2019 Göteborg (AstraZeneca)
  • 2020 Skanör (Englesons gallery)
  • 2020 Göteborg (Botanical Garden)
  • 2021 Skanör (Englesons gallery)
  • 2022 Skanör (Englesons gallery)


  • EFIAP Distinction by Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique, 2018
  • NSMiF/s Nordic Grand Champion in Photography / Silver, 2020
  • MNFFF/b Master of Photography Nordiska Förbundet för fotografi / brons, 2021
  • ERSF/b Excellence Riksförbundet Svensk Fotografi / Brons, 2020

Awards (selected)

  • PSA Gold Medal - 14th Malmö Int. Exhibition of Photographic Art, 2014
  • FIAP Gold Medal - 8th Greek Photographic Circuit, 2020
  • GPU Silver Medal - 4th International Digital Exhibition Vision, 2020

  • PSA